Doctors Found Sleeping Position at Early Stages Doesn’t Affect Pregnancy

Doctors analyzed data provided by 8,700 women about their sleep habits during pregnancy without identifying risks between different sleeping positions. Many myths surround the stage of pregnancy. Some of them refer to the way of sleeping of pregnant women.

A work by the National Institute of Child Health Eunice Kennedy Shriver in the United States indicates that sleeping on your back or side until the 30th week of pregnancy does not seem to increase the risk of fetal death, reduction in size at birth, or high blood pressure disorders. pregnancy.

The study was conducted by Robert Silver, of the University of Utah School of Medicine and colleagues, and published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology. Researchers say their work should bring peace of mind to women who have heard that sleeping on the back or right can compress the blood vessels that supply the uterus and potentially harm the fetus or mother.

The clarification becomes important because many doctors advise pregnant women to only sleep on the left side while some previous studies had linked back and right side sleep with an increased risk of complications.

The hypotheses about this risk indicated that these positions could compress the aorta central artery that carries blood to the upper and lower abdomen and the inferior vena cava central vein that returns blood from the lower abdomen to the heart.

The researchers analyzed data provided by 8,700 women about their sleep habits between the sixth and thirteenth week of pregnancy and again between the 22nd and 29th week of pregnancy. “They were asked about their positions when they went to sleep and when they woke up.

On the left side mostly, on the right side mostly, both sides equally, on the back mostly, on the front mostly, also on the side, front and back, or sitting or supported, “they explained in a statement.

When analyzing the health data after delivery with the responses, they did not find any pattern that indicated risks associated with these positions.

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