Coronavirus Updates – Death Toll Rising Everyday | Trump’s Rescue Plan

Coronavirus Updates :- As the number of new coronavirus deaths worldwide exceeded 150,000 on Friday, several US governors have taken steps to gradually reopen their states, Texas, Minnesota, Vermont and Montana announcing dates Friday to ease restrictions . This comes as President Trump has apparently sided with protesters in several states who challenge social distancing orders to rally around security measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, hundreds of nursing homes in areas affected by the epidemic have repeatedly violated infection control rules, according to analysis from the Washington Post. Out of approximately 650 outbreaks where coronavirus cases have been reported publicly, 40% have been cited more than once for infection control violations.

Coronavirus Updates

A number of governors have said that if they take into account President Donald Trump’s new guidelines for reopening state economies. They are careful not to act too quickly when faced with unresolved issues such as the tests. shortage.

But some Americans are calling for a rapid return to business as usual and went to state capitals on Friday to make their voices heard. Meanwhile, extremists have interpreted Trump’s recent tweets to “RELEASE” certain states as a call to arms.

Here’s what you need to know about coronavirus, along with a timeline of the most critical moments:

CARDS: Confirmed cases in the United States and worldwide, confirmed deaths in the United States and worldwide.
Home stay orders across the country: what each state does – or does not do – in the context of widespread blockages of coronaviruses.

American coronavirus hotspots

Virus cases are increasing rapidly in a few US cities, which could become the next epicenters of the virus in the United States.. If the trajectory does not change, according to several reports. Axios reported that cases are increasing in Boston, Detroit, New Orleans and Philadelphia.


“It is important for people to know that everyone’s curve is going to be different. New York is going to be different from Boise, Idaho, Jackson, Mississippi or New Orleans,” said American Jergeon Dr. Jerome Adams this morning. General of CBS. . Friday. , March 27. Adams added that cases in New York may start to decrease next week.

“But we also see hotspots like Detroit, like Chicago, like New Orleans that will have a worse week next week than this week,” added Adams.

As of Tuesday April 7, New Orleans had more than 4,900 cases of COVID-19, out of a total of 16,284, according to the state health department. As of April 7, Wayne County, where Detroit is located, had confirmed more than 9,000 cases of COVID-19, nearly half of Michigan’s total. 18,970, according to the state health department. And Philly has recorded 4,012 cases to date, out of nearly 14,559 cases in Pennsylvania, according to the State Department.

Rescue Plan

President Donald Trump signed a $ 2 trillion bailout law at the Oval Office Friday, March 27, after the House of Representatives voted for it the same day; The United States Senate passed the bill unanimously on Wednesday March 25, the New York Times reported. It was feared that a representative in the House would request a so-called “roll call” or a recorded vote, in which each member’s vote was recorded using an electronic voting machine. But it does take time, and that means that enough representatives voting yes must be present for the vote to pass.

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